Eight Preventions for Tooth Decay in Kids

10 May

Smiling children are the prettiest. But they are also vulnerable to a variety of tooth problems. With excessive sugar in chocolates and cakes, they have high chances to suffer from tooth decay. Although it is hard as a parent, you can always avoid tooth decay in kids with a little patience.

Kids love confectionaries. But these sugar filled calorie monsters are a slow poison for their teeth. So how can you prevent tooth decay, also known as cavities?

As pointed out in the Dentzz reviews for tips for tooth decay, here are some of the most shared and effective remedies for tooth decay or cavities:

• Avoid eating from other’s spoons: Even before the teeth grows, some bacteria that cause cavity colonise on young children’s tongue. That is why avoid eating from the same spoon with kids. Your bacteria might be harmful to them

• Pick the right toothpaste: Training toothpaste for kids without fluoride is not recommended anymore for babies with their firs tooth. The fluoride helps to provide the enamel strength. As soon as the baby gets its first teeth, you can start with fluoride toothpaste the size of rice and increase as per requirement

• Flossing: Teach your child to flaws at least twice a day. This habit will help them in the long run by avoiding tooth decay due to food bits stuck in between teeth.

• Avoid Sugar: Sugar is the main culprit behind tooth decay. It is important to reduce the sugary content in your child’s diet but not eliminate it. Sugar is also present in syrups, juices and cereals.

• Brush their tongues: the tongue is a harbour for bacteria. Always make sure to scrub it with your toothbrush

• Doctor visits: Growing kids need a lot of attention. It is imperative that they get their gums and teeth examined for tooth decay every six months

• Use herbs and Miswak sticks: chewing on miswak stick and mint leaves can help strengthen your child’s gum. It is recommended as it will also mitigate the chance of them encountering tooth decays and freshen their breath.

• Brushing twice a day: it sounds old school, but it is the right way. Especially brushing your teeth before to bed to remove any unwanted food particle stuck between teeth. Also, it will eliminate the bad breath in morning.


What do you do when you lose a permanent tooth?

28 Apr

Losing a permanent tooth while slightly scary is actually not as uncommon an occurrence as you might think. A slip and fall, gum disease or perhaps simply biting on something exceptionally hard can result in a broken tooth.

Sometime the tooth might fall off from the root while sometimes it can be only partially broken. No matter the details, it is a daunting moment when it does happen. In this article we will tell you exactly you must do in the event that you lose your tooth completely so that repairing the damage is easier.


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Teeth Straightening: Find out the different ways Involved

28 Apr

We all wish to see perfect teeth when we flash a smile, sadly only a few of us will take the efforts to get them. A lot of people prefer staying away from dentists until they have no other option but to go see one. However, what they don’t realise is that dentistry has developed a lot and dentists no more use the painful methods for treatment. Today there are various other options available based on your budget that can give you the perfect smile. A tooth straightening for example is the most common problem. We at Dentzz offer a number of treatments for this problems, let’s take a look at them.


One of the oldest and popular forms of teeth straightening is braces. They are still preferred by a lot of people who do not want to try any other modern form of treatment. However, this procedure is slow and the braces are visible each time you smile, which is why a lot of people find it difficult to socialise after getting it. Another problem with braces is that food particles tend to get stuck in the wires and it’s difficult to eat certain types of foods.


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How to maintain good oral hygiene in summer

28 Apr

With summer approaching, everybody is in the mood to relax, unwind and perhaps travel. The last thing on anyone’s mind is good oral health. This summer, while you stock up on sun-block and take extra care to exfoliate, remember these simple tips by Dentzz to ensure that your oral hygiene remains strong.


You are what you eat

Summer means parties, outdoor events and lots of sugary drinks to keep you cool. However, foods that are high in sugar, or white carbohydrates are terrible for your teeth as they break down your enamel. It is important to be very careful about what you consume in the summer. Choose foods high in protein and low in carbohydrates. A hot dog is better than a cookie and water is the best choice as far as beverages go.

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What are Tooth Sealants?

15 Mar

Dental sealants are thin plastic coatings usually placed on the surface of the teeth that do the maximum chewing. This protective layer prevents the teeth from cavities.

Dentzz- Dental Sealants

Who should opt for a sealant treatment?

These sealants are recommended mostly to children and teenagers. This is because the permanent teeth that have just erupted will receive maximum benefits from these sealants. Children usually suffer from cavities because of poor oral health. Food particles and bacteria gets stuck in the narrow pits and grooves which cannot be easily cleaned. A sealant forms a protective layer on this surface and keeps cavities at bay.

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Dental Hygiene: How to Care for Your Family’s Dental Health

15 Mar

Adults who have a family are not just responsible for their health, but also the health of their family. Taking care of your family’s oral health has become more important because poor oral health can lead to various diseases that could easily be prevented with a little love and care. Here are a few things you can do to take care of your family’s oral health and yours.

Dentzz-Tips for Taking Care Of Your Familys Oral Health

Use the right products

Different people have different needs, your oral health is no different. The toothbrush that you use for yourself may not be suitable for your child. It is possible that you need a toothpaste that helps with your gum sensitivity issues while your better half or children do not. It is always better to use the right products that suit the needs of the person using it. But brushing your teeth twice a day and flossing daily applies to one and all.

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How to Take Care of Your Baby’s Gums and Emerging Teeth

14 Mar

A toothless smile of a baby can warm up the most sullen of hearts.

Pregnant women often read up a lot about the overall health care of their baby. The correct ways to feed them, bathe them, hold them and even put them to sleep interests all would-be-mothers. An aspect of the baby’s health that is overlooked is the oral care. There are several misconceptions associated with oral care of babies and toddlers, let’s try to eliminate them.

Dentzz-How to Take Care for Your Babys Teeth

  • No teeth, no care: Mothers of new born babies often believe that because the baby is missing teeth, their mouth does not require any cleaning. This is an unhealthy practice that is dangerous to your baby’s health. A mouth has bacteria irrespective of the person’s age. It is important to clean the mouth of babies right from birth. Use a damp and soft piece of cloth to clean the gums of your baby. With your finger, try and clean the tongue.
  • Teething troubles: The first set of baby teeth generally appear after four months to a year of birth. Most parents, assume that because this is not the permanent teeth of the baby, it does not require care. Milk teeth are the foundation of permanent teeth. It is important that you care for your toddlers teeth soon after they appear. Use a soft brush and a toothpaste to clean your child’s mouth.

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Dental Amalgam Toxicity Fear: A Myth or Actuality

14 Mar

Dental amalgam, most commonly known as silver fillings is one of the oldest methods used in dentistry. Dentists all over the world have been using this technique for over 100 years because of its durability. Dentzz offers dental amalgam and a number of other alternatives, such as tooth coloured composites and gold fillings. However, a lot of patients prefer dental amalgam over its counterparts, one of the reasons for this could be the price factor.

Dentzz- What are Amalgam Fillings

Although dental amalgam is a commonly used dental material, over the years a lot of concerns have been raised regarding the mercury content present in it. This silver filling is made using a combination of materials including, silver, mercury, zinc, copper and tin. The presence of mercury makes it pliable, which allows it to press easily into the tooth, dry quickly and survive the forces of chewing. These silver fillings are usually used for large cavities and places where a lot of force is needed such as the back of the teeth.

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Why Is It Necessary to Maintain Good Oral Routine?

15 Feb

What is the primary cause of dental diseases? Does that sound like a silly question? Definitely not. We must have noticed that the frequency of our visits to the dentists has been increasing with age. The reason is quite simple. We do not invest quality time or effort in cleaning our teeth.

Dentzz_Causes of Dental Disease

Dental professionals around the world and at Dentzz recommend the best dental care procedure is to include thorough brushing of the teeth. Brushing in circular motions, so as to remove the food particles stuck in between the teeth and dental flossing, which is extremely essential to maintain good dental health. Dental flossing would ensure that there are no food particles or residues settled in between the gaps of our teeth. Flossing helps avoid plaque build – up and subsequent colonisation of bacteria in our mouth. Bacteria in the mouth are quite dangerous, not just to the teeth. Build – up of bacteria in the mouth also affect the general health of individuals. Research studies show that reducing long term bacteria in the body can significantly reduce heart problems in an individual.

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Dentzz- Tartar Prevention and Treatment

15 Feb

When people talk of teeth and problems that affect the teeth, the first term that comes up is plaque. Plaque is a sticky coating that forms on the teeth and it consists of bacteria. This coating can be removed with regular brushing and flossing. When this is not done properly, the plaque calcifies due to the presence of minerals and what is called tartar is formed. This is a very hard yet porous substance that can lead to the decay of the tooth. Tartar unlike plaque cannot be removed by brushing but has to be done professionally through a process called scaling. Dentzz brings you some of the basic reasons of tartar accumulation.

What is Tartar

The primary reason is improper brushing causing the plaque to calcify. This process of calcification occurs due to the high incidence of calcium and phosphate ions present in the saliva and this solidifies the plaque causing tartar. It usually forms on the lower part of the teeth, that is where the teeth meet the gums and is visible as a yellow substance. For those who have overlapped teeth, the problem of tartar may be quite high.

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