Eight Preventions for Tooth Decay in Kids

10 May

Smiling children are the prettiest. But they are also vulnerable to a variety of tooth problems. With excessive sugar in chocolates and cakes, they have high chances to suffer from tooth decay. Although it is hard as a parent, you can always avoid tooth decay in kids with a little patience.

Kids love confectionaries. But these sugar filled calorie monsters are a slow poison for their teeth. So how can you prevent tooth decay, also known as cavities?

As pointed out in the Dentzz reviews for tips for tooth decay, here are some of the most shared and effective remedies for tooth decay or cavities:

• Avoid eating from other’s spoons: Even before the teeth grows, some bacteria that cause cavity colonise on young children’s tongue. That is why avoid eating from the same spoon with kids. Your bacteria might be harmful to them

• Pick the right toothpaste: Training toothpaste for kids without fluoride is not recommended anymore for babies with their firs tooth. The fluoride helps to provide the enamel strength. As soon as the baby gets its first teeth, you can start with fluoride toothpaste the size of rice and increase as per requirement

• Flossing: Teach your child to flaws at least twice a day. This habit will help them in the long run by avoiding tooth decay due to food bits stuck in between teeth.

• Avoid Sugar: Sugar is the main culprit behind tooth decay. It is important to reduce the sugary content in your child’s diet but not eliminate it. Sugar is also present in syrups, juices and cereals.

• Brush their tongues: the tongue is a harbour for bacteria. Always make sure to scrub it with your toothbrush

• Doctor visits: Growing kids need a lot of attention. It is imperative that they get their gums and teeth examined for tooth decay every six months

• Use herbs and Miswak sticks: chewing on miswak stick and mint leaves can help strengthen your child’s gum. It is recommended as it will also mitigate the chance of them encountering tooth decays and freshen their breath.

• Brushing twice a day: it sounds old school, but it is the right way. Especially brushing your teeth before to bed to remove any unwanted food particle stuck between teeth. Also, it will eliminate the bad breath in morning.


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